We are committed to assist growing companies by offering:

Yearly, Monthly and Quarterly Book-keeping Services

We offer Monthly, Quarterly or Annually book-keeping services. Based on the stage of your growth, you can choose what suits your current situation.

This service includes the following deliverables:

Monthly bank reconciliations
Preparation of accruals & prepayments schedules and journals adjustments
Preparation of monthly financial reports
Preparation of audit schedules and liaison with auditors at year end audit
Preparation of Payment vouchers and Issuing of Cheques
Preparation of GST quarterly report
Preparation of year end IR8A for employees

Cashflow Management

Disbursement Service via a trust account to be SET-UP & FUNDED by client but administered by our company:

Collation of supplier invoices for approval by your Authozised Director on a weekly basis;
Preparation of cheques for payment of duly authorized invoices to suppliers;
Preparation of cheques for payment of duly approved Employees expenses claims;
Deposits the expenses claims cheques on behalf of the respective Employees;
Preparation of payroll cheques based on the monthly payroll summary provided ; and
Preparation of payment for CPF contributions based on the payroll summary and CPF payment advice.

Additional services chargeable separately if requested:

Banking in of cheques and cash, and the recording of the details of the receipts on the bank-in slips;
Preparation of Petty Cash Vouchers;
Issuing of receipts; and
Issuing Invoices

Goods & Services Tax Submission

Goods and Services Tax (GST):

Preparation and lodgment of the quarterly GST Returns (F5)
Miscellaneous application to Comptroller of GST as necessary (e.g. approval of in-house exchange rate etc.)